We have a serious love for hot sauce around here. All different peppers, consistencies, levels of heat. You name it, we generally love it. Over the past few years, I've really tried my hand at cooking with hot sauce and trying different ways to ad it to my food, but whether it's during prep, used as a condiment or even in dessert, it's seriously awesome. Here are 5 different ways I like to use hot sauce on foods.

1. Put it on your eggs, in your eggs, really, anything that has to do with eggs. If you want to get fancy, add it to your hollandaise sauce for eggs benedict. Want a twist on eggs benedict? Replace the Canadian bacon with Chorizo and top it all off with Ghost Pepper Hollandaise. The chorizo adds a different consistency and base heat and with the hollandaise and Ghost Pepper sauce serves as the perfect compliment and finishes off the dish.

2. Spice up your next picnic with homemade Burgers. Start with a 1lb of ground beef, add salt, pepper,garlic (or your favorite bbq seasoning like Music City), Worcestershire sauce, and then add in your favorite hot sauce. Mix it all together and section into palm sized patties. Top with your favorite toppings (I love a homemade buffalo sauce and blue cheese) and there ya go. The best burgers in town. And I won't even be mad if you take credit for it. ;-)

3. Speaking of Picnic, try adding hot sauce to Ketchup, Mustard, Mayo or really any condiment. I am a huge fan of adding Lucky Dog Hot to my Ketchup and going to town on some French Fries. The mix of spice and salt is 100% satisfying.

4. Queso. And not your mama's queso. Bust out the slow cooker, add your favorite queso fresco or velveeta, a can of rotel and 1lb of ground sausage marinated and cooked in your favorite hot sauce. I prefer something habanero based or something with a hint of garlic (Try Marie Sharp's Hot Habanero). Let it all simmer and melt into that cheesy goodness then plate and top with a spoonful of Kyvan Hot Honey Apple Salsa. Serve with tortilla chips, rest, hit the gym and then shoot me a thank you note. It's that good.

5. On top of Ice Cream. Yes, I just said Ice Cream. It's a crazy combo but it's surprisingly delicious. I learned this one from a chilihead and it had me at Vanilla. The blend of sweet and hot makes for one intensely delicious combo.

I'd love to know your favorite hot sauce combinations. Shoot me a FB message or tweet me at @sauceworld. Making food taste better...and hotter